Academic Programme

The school goes beyond the prescribed syllabus in preparing students as future leaders of the society.
Curriculum ensures that teaching promotes self-learning because it is ‘self-learning’ that is ever lasting. Activity-based learning is emphasized for which the students are sent for educational outing based on their syllabi. 

The school offers a quality education, taking into consideration the aspirations and needs of the student community at present. The curriculum combines a variety of courses in Languages, Mathematics, sciences and humanities to develop a desired learning outcome.. Leadership quality Program is offered to develop leadership skills at all levels.

i) Pre Primary Curriculum
The School has a separate Nursery Kingdom where the tiny-tots get a Conducive Environment to learn, play and grow happily.

“Project Way Teaching Method” is followed through which Children are taught practically the Phonetics, and Spellings. As they move further simple words, sentences are taught through modern techniques.

We use Montessori Methodology to teach the Pre-School children by using Mont. Materials and play equipment’s for children from that they can learn easily without any pressure and they develop their Skills like stated below.

Fine Motor Development:
  • Picks up objects
  • String beads
  • Does actions for finger play
  • Holds crayons with thumb and fore finger
  • Rolls, pulls and pounds clay
  • Draws/paints pictures with simple strokes, etc…

Gross Motor Development:
  • Walks up and down stairs with assistance
  • Jumps and runs actively
  • Walks forward and backward with ease
  • Stretches arms straight – above the head and forward
  • Crawls 7 to 8 steps
  • Climbs – slid, monkey ladder, jungle gym, etc…

Cognitive Development:
  • Sorts and classifies patterns
  • Identifies shapes and relates to things around
  • Understands and observes day/night
  • Follows directions and instructions given
  • Solves simple problems using imagination and reasoning skill
  • Recalls 3-4/4-5 objects or pictures during memory game, etc…

Sensory Development:
  • Distinguishes the smell of flower/fruit
  • Differentiates the tastes – sweet, salty, bitter and sour
  • Differentiates hot/cold, wet/dry, rough/smooth
  • Identifies shapes/objects by touching and feeling
  • Forms patterns with building blocks and patterning blocks
  • Keeps to the rhythm while clapping/stamping/singing, etc…

ii) Primary Curriculum
  • The Students of primary are given an opportunity to have a personalised learning. They are given ample exposure to Classical Music, Western Music, Dance, Yoga, Karate and other club activities in addition to Academics. 
  • Through the implementation of a variety of life skills, innovative and progressive teaching methods, consistent discipline and the use of modern technology, we seek to prepare learners for the changing society of which they are a part and to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing future. 
  • The School seeks through all its activities to promote individuality and a happy, balanced approach to life and acknowledge the complimentary roles played by the School and the community. 
  • This encourages an attitude of openness among educators, parents and learners and at the same time is committed to the sharing of high moral values and standards.
  • The Children are ably guided for technology based learning in the Computer Science & Robotics Lab.  
  • Activity based learning in the formative years make them to understand the importance of community living.

iii) Middle Curriculum
  • In the Middle Wing students are provided with opportunities to groom themselves in a comprehensive manner with various activities through different integrated school programs. 
  • Ample Scholastics and Co-scholastics are combined to bring out their hidden talents. 
  • Students are given special coaching both in Academics and in sports to excel themselves in Academics and in sports to excel themselves in different fields.  
  • To encourage good reading habits students are encouraged to borrow books from the library and as part of reviewing they write a book review to express their views about the book. 
  • Service Oriented Activities are organized through Club Activities. 
  • To gain knowledge from the Outside World Students are taken on Educational trips. 
  • Workshops are conducted for the students to improvise their learning ability. 
  • Our Children are actively engaged in their learning process rather than passively waiting to be spoon-fed.

iv) Teaching Training 
At N. K. Bagrodia Global School, we believe our institution’s credibility comes from Human Capital, Infrastructure, Accreditation and a Proven track record. Our Human Essence, most importantly our teaching staff play a vital role since they constantly facilitate delivery of our unique educational program. They have been part of the top CBSE schools in Mumbai and across India.
Teachers play a pivotal role in the process of child development and learning. To mould tender minds into fearless, principled and confident individuals is a cardinal role of our teaching staff. Our teachers are interpreters of your child’s needs and are responsible for stimulating a sense of inquisitiveness within them. Simply put, a teacher’s role at N. K. Bagrodia Global School is to love, inspire and encourage children to believe in themselves and their dreams.

Teachers training is continual throughout the year.
v) Extra Curricular Activities
  • At N. K. Bagrodia Global School our best in class infrastructure allows our students the luxury of choosing from an array of outdoor activities and sports. The incorporation of these co-scholastic areas within the curriculum helps develop a holistic personality within the child. 
  • We believe a healthy competitive drive in sports is a great supplement to student grooming and is in conformance with two of our three basic teaching principles, Collaboration and Communication. We ensure we provide our students excellent extra-curricular activities.
  • Our schools have tied up with reputed organizations, which offer expert guidance for the budding sport stars of tomorrow. 
  • Extra-curricular activities helps students in a lots of ways like time management, working as a team, making a contribution or building relationship skills. Students should learn multi-tasking and have diverse interests. 

At N. K. Bagrodia Global School, our students can choose from –
  • Skating
  • Football
  • Snooker
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Taek-Won-Do
  • Instrumental / Vocal music
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Gymnastics