Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation is a continuous and an integral part of teaching and learning throughout the year. Students are assessed keeping in view the curriculum designed according to the continuous and comprehensive evaluation as introduced by CBSE for classes I-VIII. Along with academics, various co-scholastic activities are organized for the physical and mental development of the students.

PS and PP
There are no formal assessments for the children. In this formative age of 3+ and 4+, student’s learning capabilities are observed and graded.

Classes I-III

The academic session is divided into three terms.

I Term- April to August

II Term- September to November

III Term- December to March

Classes IV-VIII

CCE Evaluation
The school follows a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system. The term CCE means Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, where assessment is not mechanical by way of written tests and assignments but is based on assessment conducted in both formal and informal settings which are interesting, relevant and meaningful to the learners. The two forms of assessments are Formative and Summative. Formative Assessment is developmental and diagnostic in nature whereby, the teacher is able to assess the learners' efforts, performance, attitude towards learning and ability to apply it, in everyday situations. Formative Assessment also identifies areas of learning difficulty of students and provides remedial measures to improve the students learning. To ensure uniformity in performance and to inculcate the habit of lifelong learning in pupils, Home assignments, Project works, Lab activities, class tests, and General speaking skills are assessed periodically. All results are recorded in the student's report card and parents are informed about their ward's progress throughout the year. This enables them to interact with the ward's teacher, so that all can work in unison for the betterment of student. Summative Assessment is the procedure of assessment of a learner in a certain period of time. It is usually a pen-paper test and is carried out at the end of a term. It sums up how much a student has learned. It is cumulative and traditional in nature.

CCE based Assessment of the Student (Class IV onwards)

  • There are two Formative assessments each in the first and second semester respectively.
  • Each formative Assessment is again divided into smaller assessments Such as class assignment, Quiz, Project, Written test which can carry different marks.
  • Each formative assessment has a weight age of 10% which can be arrived at by taking an average of all the tasks or the best three or four.
  • The total weightage of all the four formative assessments is 40%.
  • The total weightage of the two summative assessments is 60%.

The academic session is divided into two terms: (Class IV onwards)

I Term: April to September

II Term: October to March

Each child is assessed in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas. For the assessment of the scholastic areas, each term will have two formative assessment(FA) and one summative assessment(SA). The weightage of each assessment in a term for an academic session is as follows:

Period of assessment







Type of assessment

FA 1

FA 2

SA 1

FA 3

FA 4

SA 2